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Kuća za odmor
Umag | Sweet Home 3

From the center:2000 m
To the sea:500 m
Max. persons:4
Area:40.00 m2
Number of rooms:1

58.00 €

Daily cost

Villa Lemaliante

Beautifully positioned in the middle of idyllic olive groves, green pastures and lush forests Villa Lemaliante is something like a home far away from home. The spacious luxury estate in a quiet natural environment, both you and your children will enjoy. This attractive villa is exceptionally designed with a lot of attention to detail, using local materials and traditional techniques, whereby during the renovation of an old stone house the authentic style, the appearance and the best traditions of the region have been preserved. The property (total surface 2600 m2) is appropriately fenced for privacy and there are no architectural barriers, so it is ideal for people with disabilities.

From 1999.00 €
Umag | Villa Lemaliante V8

From the center:5000 m
To the sea:1000 m
Max. persons:8
Area:380.00 m2
Number of rooms:5

1999.00 €

Vila na tjedan

Kuća za odmor

Bungalow with sea view and private beach

From 98.00 €
Umag | AJDA BGW 4

From the center:4000 m
To the sea:20 m
Max. persons:4
Area:70.00 m2
Number of rooms:2

98.00 €

Daily rent

Kuća za odmor

From 43.00 €
Umag | Tena B4

From the center:1500 m
To the sea:700 m
Max. persons:4
Area:60.00 m2
Number of rooms:2

43.00 €

Po apartmanu dnevno

Kuća za odmor
Vila Kanal

From 150.00 €
Umag | Vila Kanal Kuća za odmor

From the center:5000 m
To the sea:1500 m
Max. persons:8
Area:160.00 m2
Number of rooms:0

150.00 €

Najam ville na dan

Kuća za odmor
Umag | Vila Viktorija Vilanija Vila Viktorija

From the center:4500 m
To the sea:4500 m
Max. persons:6
Area:150.00 m2
Number of rooms:0

1343.00 €

Vila na tjedan

Ukupno 12

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