The Buje Region is the area dominated by the small picturesque town of Buje, situated on top of the hill close to Umag. The hinterland with its beautiful landscape, gradually descending towards the sea provides an ideal location for biking fans.

Only a few kilometres from the sea you will find real highlands where you can enjoy riding on some of the most attractive biking trails (with or without signs) which take you through the unbelievable beautiful and almost intact landscapes to the nearby medieval small towns, located on hill tops offering the view of nearby villages, hamlets and blue sea. Apart from the biking trails you will find mountaineering, hiking and riding trails and wine roads.

Biking trails of Buje Region as an integral part of Istrian biking trails have been well known for their attractiveness, offering from each point of these trails magnificent views of the sea and hills of Upper Buje Region. The main feature of these trails is their gradual ascent from the sea towards higher parts of Upper Buje Region and to the highest point at approximately 400 m height above sea-level.

There are 12 trails marked with a different colour each. All of are interconnected and their total length is about 500 km.

  Northwestern Istria bike Guide (PDF)


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