The Gastronomical Itinerary of North-western Istria

The north-western region of Istria, thanks to its diverse natural riches on a relatively small space, is an ideal destination for an interesting vacation with an exquisite gastronomical experience. The region offers a fish rich shore and inland hills filled with truffles and wild flora.

In order to help you plan your visit and select from an array of bars and taverns, we offer you nine gastronomical routes which contain the best of north-western Istria.

Some of our routes offer selected local recipes should you wish to try preparing our specialties at home.

We wish you a pleasant stay and an unforgettable holiday in north-western Istria!

The Olive Oil Route
The Istrian Teran Route
The Istrian Malvasia Route
The Momjan Muscat Route
The Native Istrian Oxen Route
The Wild Asparagus Route
The White Truffle Route
The Sea Scent Route
The Agrotourism and Home Cooking Route

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